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Night 32 [25 Mar 2007|07:39pm]
The things that were tucked in among the dark slowly, then with greater numbers left the confines of their confinement, stepping sideways through the magic that Landels used to drag beings forth to return to their homes, while others, more human in nature, finished packing their things, speed being of the essence.

This facility was reaching a critical point, and wiring was becoming dangerous, experiments were going to be damaged. They had had warning, so they were almost complete in their move. Some of the longer, more delicate experiments vanished under a touch, not through planning but through deals made by the head of the staff that hadn't been told to the underlings.

Things were tearing apart, the animating force slowly collapsing inward until the last of the staff on the facility was gone, at which point the walls deteriorated rapidly and damages suddenly resurfaced from months, years, decades... even centuries before.

Fire crackled, but there was little left. Patients, staff, creatures, experiments, even the buildings themselves, almost all of it was gone. Only one thing remained, walking the ruins. Its skin was blackened, its bright eyes unnatural and much too large. Too many arms, too much horror, too much realization was there, and it threw its head back, laughing unnaturally as it realized what had come to pass.

It was game over, and it was left here to rot.

It was left alone...

For now.

(Goodbye everyone. You have my blessings and I treasured each and every one of you, arguments, disagreements, and loving cuddles alike. I hope you all have wonderful lives, and I wish you luck.

In three days from this post, this com will be completely closed for good.

Edit: If anyone wants to say goodbye, the comments of this post are good for it.

Edit the Second: The community is now locked, comments have been disabled. Be well everyone, I'll miss it.)
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Night 32 [25 Mar 2007|07:39pm]

The brief message from the intercom spurred off the radio, a riot of noise that didn't sound like music at all before the voice reached clear of it, staticky and intense. It sounded like someone drowning in sound.

"Sorry guys. I can't guarantee home. But, at least you won't stay here."

All the radios turned to static then, but other people started to vanish away, being flung out of Landels, some to the world, others to their homes, and others still to place completely unheard of.
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INTERCOM POST: Night 32 [25 Mar 2007|07:34pm]

Predawn gave the sky a dull glow, and as it did, the fuses and wiring of the building started to pop and fizzle, like firecrackers in the walls. The temperature dropped drastically, until breathing was a visible pastime, the electric bursts having become frequent enough to highlight anything on the way.

It was not, however, until the first beam of true sunlight showed that the intercom clicked on. "Goodbye."

One by one, those who had been promised certain things started to vanish back to their homes, while others, who they had bargained for, took longer, and were far less likely to remember that a place such as Landels existed at all.
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INTERCOM POST: Night 32 [23 Mar 2007|07:39pm]

"Tick. Tock."

There was no other spoken word, but the grounds themselves seemed to tremble underfoot, like an earthquake almost. When it stopped several moments later, the entire building felt chilled.
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Night 32: Bloody Hall [22 Mar 2007|11:52pm]

Ah, there was the door.

Ignoring the smell of blood, Aki poked her head outside and looked around. She could feel others outside, but they were ones who were allowed to be there, so she paid them no mind.

Now, to pull that little trick her mother look-alike had taught them.

She didn't have the sheer power that most of her siblings had, or the ties that all the others except for Kesha had, but she could do this.

Pulling together threads of energy, she wove them into and around the door. Simple thing, a compulsion that they wouldn't be able to help. Walk out the door and find themselves walking right back in, without any control over it. Simple mental tweak.

She wasn't her brother, she couldn't make it so everyone who came through was forced to do this. But if they went one at a time, then it would get them all. If they rushed the door, she'd probably still get the first two or three, but sheer numbers would drain it for a moment. Still, who would want to leave their friends behind, when said friends walked right back into the building.

While she wasn't as strong as her siblings, Aki was good at her small area of manipulation. After a moment of thought, she smiled, and started for where she knew other doors were. When she reached the door that lead her back to B hall, she paused and pulled out more power. Not the compulsion again, that took far too much effort to put together, especially this soon. However, a simple numbing would work. It was registered to trigger with humans and demons, and she was sure that would cover most of the patients.

A moment of thought, and she moved her way to D hall and did the same. Won't do much good, but it's something for now.

Now, to the garden.
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Night 32: Reading Room [22 Mar 2007|10:12pm]

[ mood | amused ]

There was a flurry of wind... and the God of Gods, Taishin Zeus, appeared in the Library, standing among the piles of fallen books he had just blown off their respective shelves.

He inspected the area, then grinned widely, "Ahhh... The Reading Room... I cannot remember if I ever did come into this place... No matter... I am here now..."

He began to browse the many books that he had not blown off shelves... So many pieces of literature... So much curiousity the God had when he read their titles...

But he was not to be distracted... He had a job to do. He had already trapped the knight... Now he had to just trap others like him...

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Night 32: Courtyard. [21 Mar 2007|11:13pm]

[ mood | blank ]

The conditions had been set, as were the rules. He was to keep them all for escaping, in exchange for the lives of his children. Already in his currently dilapidated, broken state; he would do anything to have anyone he knew intimately to be returned. The deal, along with the binding contract of it all -his son- had been made.

And so they gave him his full power -minus the restriction of the Hellsing seals- and set him to wander about. The vampire could only dream of crushing the building when they restored him to his god-like state, but a deal was a deal. They said he was free to go too if he pulled it off. Perhaps he proved no further use to them as he was, hindered and mourning. Shadows twisted and writhed as the vampire made his way out into the courtyard, shrouded by darkness. He haunted the grounds like some sort of wraith, waiting for any one who managed to make it outside.

He could see them, yesssss. With his eyes planted in their own shadows even, he could see them clearly. All that was left now, was to watch and wait.

((Courtyard posts here please.))

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INTERCOM POST: Night 32 [21 Mar 2007|12:38am]

There was a hiss from intercom units all over the building, then a displeased grumble, curing repairs being swept over the dealmakers. "It seems my precautions were wise. If you all try to run in the opportunity given you, be assured you will be stopped. Any who manage to pass the boundaries will revoke the promises for the rest of you." The disdain the voice was clear, and the intercom was silent without anything further.

(For those wondering, unless it's someone with a trinket, you know who you are, the language barrier stands.

Edit: You can understand the Radio and Intercom just fine, as you have been able to all day.)
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Night 32: Nurse's station [21 Mar 2007|01:25am]

No nurses. No monsters and he had his powers back. Steiner walked past the nurse's station, half expecting someone to appear from nowhere and gut him or something similar.
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Night 32: B Hall [20 Mar 2007|11:35pm]

(room B6)

Come sundown, Sakura changed back wiht a POOF! from her pink kangaroo form and back into her own. She'd never been so glad to be back in her room and in her own body. At least when she'd been turned into a boy she'd been human and able to understand her friends. Today had just been a pain, even if it was a little bit interesting to experience a few hours as an animal.

Felt good to be so tall too.

She scarfed up her dinner, glad to have real food in her since the only thing she'd had that day was a peach. That would never fill her up! You had to eat to keep your strength, you know?

Oh? What was the radio talking about? She padded over to the table where she'd last left it, picking it up and listening carefully as it spoke. "Rough night? Arrangements?" The part about a 'cage door' being opened sounded a little suspicious too. "What is it talking about?"

Well, she decided she needed to pay attention to it. It'd given out clues before the other night. Maybe it'd give her help or something later down the road that night.

When the doors unlocked, she stuffed it in a pocket and grabbed her flashlight, steeling herself as she opened the door. If something from this building was warning them about it being a rough night, she'd better listen and prepare herself.

(( please keep all B-Hall posts here ))
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Night 32: Cafeteria [21 Mar 2007|12:26am]

Tiki had been wandering through the building ever since he'd been allowed to leave the little chat he'd been taken for. He found himself in the cafeteria, and he glanced around, hoping that maybe they'd still have food out. He'd polished off the dinner he'd been given, but was still a little hungry since it was the only thing he'd eaten today...

No luck with getting some more food, though. He pushed his glasses up, their familiar weight something of a comfort to him after being without them for the past few days. He through the cafeteria, looking around for any signs of the other patients being out and about... particularly the exorcists. He had come to an agreement with Allen Walker earlier in the day, but the situation was different now. He wanted to play.
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Night 32: E-Hall [20 Mar 2007|10:34pm]

Steiner stood up and heard the radio. This place was hell but he said the gates. Then he noticed, he stood up! He was human again! Taking the small odd light, he opened up his door and looked around seeing a small purple fuzzy thing on the ground.

"Grettings." he half said to it picking it up and looked at it. It wiggled some, it was alive!
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Radio Post: Night 32 [20 Mar 2007|09:34pm]

The radios crackled to life, the music hard and loud, thugh it faded into somehting much more melodious. "Hey out there all you rebels. Tonights gonna be on the rough side, but never fear, I made some arrangements. Keep an eye out for some of my cute little friends. And, just so you all know my friends. The cage door is open, even if the communication is down."

The music swelled back up, then went quiet, never fully turning off.
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Night 32: Sunroom [20 Mar 2007|10:14pm]

[ mood | evil ]

A hole. In the ground... More like a crater... A medium sized one... probably about the size of a... medium sized round table... It didn't matter what size it was... The one who created it was holding back anyway.

"Hmm." Came the person's voice, which sounded intrigued, if not very content, "So the promise was kept..."

The very tall man stepped out of the shadows, dressed in long white robes, with golden bracers and other such jewelry.. A tall staff in his right hand... He wore sandals on his feet, and he also bore a long, flowing violet cape... His hair was messily tied back... And an eerie grin was present on his pale face...

Taishin Zeus.
The God of Gods.
The King of Heaven.

He was no longer a weakling... His abilities had been returned, thus he had healed his weakened body... It had been a very interesting conversation... The God had been taken to a room... They had told him intriguing things...

"In exchange for getting all of my belongings and abilities back..." Zeus said to himself, looking at his left hand and grinning, "I have to keep the others in check... Don't let them leave... Simple... quite simple..."

He looked about the Sunroom, his red eyes seemingly glowing in the darkness, "However... with my abilities... I could just leave... Leave this place forever... All it takes is a thought and I am gone..." His eyes flashed, he leaned his head back, then worked the kinks out of his neck, his grin having widened considerably, "But... That would not be fun... Now that I have my abilities... I want to have some fun... Whether it be my former allies or enemies that get in my way... I will take them down... and play with them..."

He let out a terrible laugh, completely enthralled with the idea.

"Oh... This is going to be so much fun..." He turned to the door which was the entrance into the Sunroom, "Come out, come out, wherever you are... It is time to play with TAISHIN ZEUS."

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Night 32: D hall [20 Mar 2007|10:21pm]

Sora hated himself for what he was doing but he had to. He slowely walked down the hallway keyblade in hand. Calling up his power he quickly changed into Final form and allowed himself to float. He would obey the building. Oath keeper and Bond of flames floated just inches from his palm and a blue creature clung to his back ready to do as it was told. He waited for the first person to try to make an escape.
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Night 32: C hall (Hear the toll of the bells oh dearies) [20 Mar 2007|09:07pm]

[ mood | amused ]

"For whom the bell tolls," A voice whispered in the darkness as a slim figure stepped casually down C hall. He purred like a cat as he adjusted his pristine white gloves and then the cuffs. "Why she tolls for you." He sing songed into the stillness as an icey chill danced from his fingertips. D smiled like a jester as his dark hair fell into his golden eyes.

Hear them, oh those funeral bellsCollapse )

((Keep all C hall posts here please))

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Night 32: A Hall [20 Mar 2007|09:06pm]

It had been an interesting conversation, and she sighed. Habit had her run a hand over her belly, and the other one checking to make sure everything was resting properly. She didn't normally wear her gear like this when she was pregnant, as she had many rabid family members to hide behind if a situation came up.

Still, it was nice to have her things, and something to understand what people said. Plus the promise of the morning.

Nodding to herself, she reached out, feeling decent for the first time since she had come here. Time to keep her part of the deal. She moved for the closest ones, already figuring out where the nearest doors out in relation to this hall were, and she would simply have to go fix it so that people couldn't go out that way.
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Night 32: D14 [20 Mar 2007|07:08pm]

He didn't want to get led back to his room. He wanted to find Allen and send everyone home including himself. Hell he wanted D out of his head. But that wasn't going to happen. It was all childish dreams spinning in the shadows and dashed by reality.

They would get out somehow. Some way. He shut his eyes for a moment before he ate his dinner. Maybe tonight they'd figure out what Kanda's keys would do and get that stress relief out. Hell while he was at Rabi if he wasn't a dog anymore could chew his ear off. He just didn't care anymore he wanted to make progress in any way he could. This place, it felt like death, a sweeping cold that changed him enough he might escape, but he couldn't.
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Day 32 - C24 (Dinner time) [20 Mar 2007|07:08pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Zeus had been escorted back to his room.. He did not want to go, but he was too ill to fight back... It angered him so...

Getting back to his room, he spotted his dinner... Mashed potatoes, peas and steak... He wanted to tear into the steak... To taste the meat... But he couldn't...

He remembered what happened the last time he had tried to eat... He had vomited... Never again... Zeus never wanted to feel that way again. He tried his best to ignore his dinner, sitting on his bed and staring at the floor.

How he wanted his abilities... With them, he could leave this horrible place... He would destroy it... COMPLETELY... NO MERCY.

He growled, punching the mattress and glaring angrily at the wall opposite of him. This place made him weak... He would never forgive it.

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INTERCOM POST: Day 32 [20 Mar 2007|03:52pm]

The low trembling rattle echoed harshly through the speakers. "Everyone, please take patients back to their rooms for an early dinner." The intercom clicked off.

(Okay. Those of you I approached, you know who you are. After dinner, you will be taken to a room alone to have whatever we talked about happen happen, and then will be set loose before the doors unlock. Don't forget you have your trinkets!

Nightshift will be about two hours after dinner, so feel free to post intermediary things everyone.

And last, Menu: Peas, Carrots, mashed potatoes, steak, apple cobbler, hot chocolate.)
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