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You (as your character) have just woken up inside a small white room, the smell of disinfectant sharp in the air. Before you have time to demand answers as to where you are, or even find someone to tell you anything, you hear an announcement over the intercom welcoming you to Landel’s Institute: A place to reconnect people with reality.

Apparently, the people who run this place think you are someone else, and that person is not the person you believe yourself to be. In fact, they say that you were imagining that world, or that it's a fictional place entirely, based in books, television, comic books. They are determined to guide you back to yourself, but who they're trying to make you into isn't who you think you are, even if it seems, in some cases, that your body is trying to conform to their words.

Only... even in this world it's not normal for Nurses to change appearance depending on how much light is on them. It's not normal for creatures to roam the halls, and it's certainly not normal for an intercom to speak at all hours of the night.

Of course, by the light of day, or even at times the really strong beam of a flashlight, the place is fairly ordinary and boring. Then again, most don't think to take their flashlights with them, and still other times just plain don't get the chance.

At night the events would make a person doubt their own sanity, had the 'delusions' not had the support of the other patients in the place. Doors move when they feel like it, the walls hungry when bored, and the hallways rearrange when it suits the building to do so. The animals never stay the same at night. No, that cute kitty that you just saw at lunch is now larger than a tiger, and is more than prepared to try to eat you. But, despite all this, it’s the nurses that you really need to watch out for, especially the ones who are in charge of the medical wing.

You know that you are sane, and while the other patients likely are, that might seem debatable. The real fear is that you might vanish, as so many of you have, so try to escape before then, or before someone you care about turns on you on a Special Counselling night. Many have gone before, and quite a few of them left nothing behind. Still, some left things, clues, weapons, that could help you if you were simply to search them out.

Make friends, allies, enemies, and scapegoats of your fellow patients. Just remember, when the lights go out is when the game begins...

This game is closed. You are free to join the community to read, since not all posts were able to be unlocked, however, you will not be able to post or comment on anything.

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Due to the game being closed, there are no more applications.

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You will either love or loathe these two during your adventure.

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Landel's started March 1, 1925

The Community landels_fans still stands for all those interested in doing anything in memory for this community, or to discuss any characters. It isn't active, but people are still welcome there.

All characters are gone.

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The Creatures: landelcreatures

Previous patients/Family: falltolandels

Information, the details: landel_info

The Files, computer and paper: landel_files

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